Gent 24

The Gent 24 Network of Approved System Integrators are independent fire specialist companies who have been selected, trained and approved based on their extensive capabilities and considerable experience in the fire industry.

Elite Technology Centre
This is the highest achievable status within the Gent 24 Network. These are usually national based companies that have sizeable reach and have developed consistent growth and partnership working with Gent over a number of years.
Technology Centre
Technology Centre’s are partners who have demonstrated considerable growth and successful market development working with Gent products.
Elite System Integrator
These are partners who have met all of the criteria of a System Integrator and have demonstrated growth and development working with Gent products.
System Integrator
System Integrators are partners who have met our criteria for designing, installing, commissioning, servicing and maintaining Gent products.
Gent 24 Approved System Integrator Locator
The Gent 24 network of Approved System Integrators includes over 80 specialist companies covering the length and breadth of Britain, who can all supply Gent equipment and carry out design, installation, commissioning and maintenance operations to the highest standards of workmanship. To locate your nearest Gent 24 Approved System Integrator, click on the link below: