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SAFE, our one button wonder!
Added 10/10/2019
We’ve all been there: a cooking attempt goes awry and the kitchen fills with smoke, hopefully not too much but just enough to set off the smoke alarm. In a house, you’d be able to call out to your family or roommates that everything is fine, you’ve just torched another frozen pizza. In a high-rise apartment building, however, that alarm will sound across several floors, leaving dozens (hundreds?) of people wondering, “Is that a real emergency?” Some people might even catch a whiff of smoke and worry, “Should I start down a stairwell?” For a simple kitchen accident, the time spent worrying is needless and frustrating. In the event of a real emergency, that delay could cost lives.

A nursing home or hospital ward might have fewer occupants than a housing block, but an evacuation is far more complicated. In the event of a fire, every second of warning is the chance to save another life. What building managers need in both situations is a way to quickly sound the all clear or escalate an alarm to let people know: Yes, this is a real emergency, head for the exits.

Sounding the All Clear

What if the alarm could be silenced almost as soon as it starts? Gent SAFE gives users the ability to clear an alarm if nothing is wrong, as easily as pressing a button. By the time the building manager has checked out the alarm first-hand, it’s almost faded into memory for the rest of the building residents. If there’s a true emergency, the alarm continues to sound and occupants know, “It’s time to evacuate.”

Added Value

Every fire alarm needs to be tested to make sure it’s operating properly. Gent SAFE makes this part of the job easier, by including a test feature. The tests can be logged to make sure that every resident has complied with the test, and that every alarm is working. It also includes a log of first alarms, so that landlords can see if one unit is the source of many alarms, either because of a malfunctioning monitor or just some really bad cooking skills. Learn more about Gent SAFE in this short video or contact one of our business managers in the UK for more information.