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Jack's a Fired Up Expert!
A cold and wet Monday morning and I am standing in a playground with 400 other students, waiting for my name to be called on the register. Someone has decided to activate a call point and set the Fire Alarm off. Great.....
Fast forward 5 years and I am the one activating the Fire Alarm, but not in an act of vandalism, but part of my job, as I signed up to the Gent by Honeywell Get Fired Up Apprenticeship.

Beginning in 2008 I began work with one of Gent's integrators based in Farnham. Working on the installation team I assisted with the installation and commissioning of Fire Alarm Systems.

Attending college aswell I learnt and studied the theory side of the course, while gaining my essential practical skills onsite learning from experienced qualified engineers.

During my course I had great support from my lecturers at college, my employers, everyone at Gent, and of course Dina Mistry the apprenticeship manager.

In 2011 I moved to another Gent Integrator based in Uxbridge. This role was a Service based role, and I was taken on as a Trainee Service Engineer. I was quickly promoted to a Junior Service Engineer, and maintained some key sites for the company including some NHS sites.

This role enabled me to gain more fault finding and commissioning experience. It was also a role where I developed my customer service skills, as every customer and every problem is totally different.

I am now working for and settled at Fire Alarm Fabrication Services. I am working here as a fully qualified Service Engineer. I carry out maintenances on the systems and respond to and rectify system breakdowns.

I am part of a great team of engineers and very much enjoy my work and get to work on many Gent Systems. I have great support from all of the Managers and Directors and feel that I am really reaching my potential in this role.

When I say Apprenticeship people always say to me Plumbing, Electrician, Carpentry etc. I thought the same, I never even thought about an apprenticeship in Fire Alarms.

I feel proud that I have taken this route as a career and gained all of my qualifications, after all Fire Alarm Systems are Life Safety Systems, and I feel proud knowing that my role keeps these systems working at their best and protecting Life and Property. I get to work on all different types of system but of course Gent is the best out there and is brilliant to work on!