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It’s just another day at the office for Honeywell Gent
It’s just another day at the office for Honeywell Gent
Located in the heart of the City of London, 10 Bow Lane and 25 Watling Street have just undergone major reconstruction to provide 30,000ft2 of cutting edge office space. In order to provide occupants with the highest levels of protection from fire and smoke, life safety technology from Honeywell Gent has been installed throughout.

10 Bow Lane and 25 Watling Street are located next to each other on a corner of one of London’s most sought after locations. This unique area seamlessly blends the old with the new – from St Paul’s Cathedral and the historic lanes of Watling Street and Bow Lane, to the modernity of high street retail and restaurants in One New Change and Cheapside. In close proximity there are many businesses, including globally recognised financial institutions, legal practices and organisations from all over the world.

New and improved

Behind an attractive period façade, 10 Bow Lane and 25 Watling Street have recently been completely transformed over six storeys into highly desirable and contemporary offices, which are suitable for smaller businesses. As befitting such high end office space, the building services infrastructure is second to none and comprises suspended ceilings with integral light emitting diode (LED) linear lighting, efficient variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air cooling, stylish self-contained toilets at each level, and every other modern amenity.

Kent based mechanical and electrical (M&E) contractor, Muranda Electrical Services, won the tender for this part of the project, part of which was to install a high quality life safety system throughout. James Chapman, the company’s electrical contracts manager, comments, ‘Kidlington based Orion Security Solutions has operated in close proximity to us for many years and we have had the pleasure of working with them on many projects. As we knew that 10 Bow Lane and 25 Watling Street would need a life safety system that was specified, installed and commissioned to the highest standards, I contacted Chris McCarthy, business development and sales manager at Orion Security Systems, to see what he recommended.’

Chris McCarthy takes up the story and says, ‘We have carved out an enviable reputation for the knowledge we have gained from working in a diverse range of environments. Just as importantly, we only work with best in class technology providers and are a Gent 24 Approved Systems Integrator. Therefore, after speaking to James and visiting the site, I knew that we could configure a system that would meet and exceed all of his stated requirements.’

In the loop

The solution specified by Orion Security Solutions is based around Honeywell Gent’s industry leading Vigilon system. Certified to EN54 parts 2 and 4, the Vigilon panel has a self-contained power supply and battery standby for at least 72 hours, and offers the latest in system flexibility and control panel aesthetics. Furthermore, its backlit LCD display presents clear indication of fire or fault location and the control panel’s innovative character display with push button keypad is simple to use.

Vigilon combines powerful software in the control panel and intelligent loop powered devices to deliver a flexible, easy to use system. Its modular concept makes systems simple to design for any building and algorithms are used to match the pattern of activity in the sensor with data from test results stored in the panel memory.

‘Although 10 Bow Lane and 25 Watling Street are now, for all intents and purposes, one building, we installed two separate Vigilon panels in each area, with one loop per floor over each of the six floors,’ explains Chris McCarthy. ‘If it was ever decided to separate the buildings again, this means that the life safety infrastructure could easily be reconfigured to provide two standalone systems. What’s more, the buildings also incorporate five street facing shop units, so in order to ensure the ultimate level of protection for all concerned we interfaced all the various systems.’

Intelligent design

A range of Honeywell Gent S-Quad smoke and heat detectors are located throughout various parts of the building, including 65 optical devices, 67 dual optical voice sounders, 13 voice sounders and 38 manual call points.

Asked why it was the most appropriate solution, Simon Adams, business manager (South West & South Wales) at Honeywell Gent, replies, ‘S-Quad was the first intelligent loop powered multifunctional device to include a sensor, sounder, speech and visual alarm, and its extensively patented technology has an unrivalled ability to prevent unwanted alarms. Four separate sensing elements – heat, carbon monoxide, and dual angle optical forward and backward scatter – achieve local processing in the sensor and the panel and offer the best level of reliability and prevention of unwanted alarms – something that is vital in office based environments.’

The Equality Act makes it the responsibility of all organisations to ensure that access to buildings and services is available to everyone, regardless of any physical disabilities. Therefore, in order to meet this obligation and to provide an additional level of safety, 27 S-Quad visual alarm devices (VADs) were also installed to offer an appropriate signal by emitting a bright red light. This enables full compliance with EN54-23 and helps alert those in noisy environments, as well as those who are hard of hearing.

Moving on up

The project was finished on time and, as expected, there has been a high degree of interest in 10 Bow Lane and 25 Watling Street, with a number of high profile companies already in-situ. Once again, Muranda Electrical Services’ decision to work with Orion Security Solutions resulted in a top quality installation and James Chapman concludes, ‘Working with people who can perform a job to the highest standards and only use top quality equipment such as that offered by Honeywell Gent is always a pleasure. It enables us to provide guarantees that the life safety system at 10 Bow Lane and 25 Watling Street will provide occupants with the best possible protection and avoid the disruption of unwanted alarms.’