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Honeywell Gent fits the bill for Jetts Gyms
Over the last 10 years Jetts has revolutionised the global fitness industry, so when it wanted to configure the best possible life safety solution at its UK based facilities, it specified technology from Honeywell Gent.
In 2007 Australian husband and wife team, Brendon and Cristy Levonson, opened the first Jetts gym in Helensvale, Queensland. They believed that the traditional gym membership model was highly flawed, so decided to make Jetts different by offering 24/7/365 access, no lock-in contracts, low fees and member friendly policies. By operating a franchise model, the company has grown at an incredible rate and in 2012 was the second fastest growing company in Australia.

People first

By giving members the freedom to workout on their own terms, Jetts believes it has changed the fitness industry for the better and there are now over 250 Jetts gyms around the world, with the company expanding into the UK in late 2016.

Each facility is designed to offer the very highest standards of safety and security and Kidlington based Orion Security Solutions has been commissioned to specify and install state-of-the-art life safety systems at these locations. Asked how the company became involved with the project, Chris McCarthy, business development and sales manager at Orion Security Systems, replies, ‘Jetts had already worked with our sister company, Ceulemans Security, based in mainland Europe and it made sense for us to work on the UK side of the rollout, which will involve a total of over 20 sites to be completed by the end of 2018. So far we have finished work on facilities in Erdington, Wigan and Stockport.’

Service provider

Orion Security Solutions was required to configure a BS 5389 compliant category L1 life safety system that could deploy automatic detectors throughout all areas of the building – including roof spaces and voids – with the aim of providing the earliest possible warning.

‘By using the most technically competent staff who provide an industry leading level of service, we have carved out an enviable reputation for the knowledge we have gained in working in a range of environments,’ comments Chris McCarthy. ‘We only work with best in class technology providers and as a Gent 24 Approved Systems Integrator, we knew that its technology would be able to meet all of Jetts’ requirements. Identifying the need for fire detection control panel that would offer advanced fire sensing and evacuation options, we chose to base our solution around Honeywell Gent’s Nano device.’

Small but perfectly formed

Nano offers end users a compact system that is backed by the power of Honeywell Gent’s Vigilon loop technology. Certified to EN54 parts 2 & 4, the standard panel is self-contained with batteries to maintain 24-hour standby and provides far greater fire detection capabilities than most other small systems.

Simon Adams, business manager (South West & South Wales) at Honeywell Gent, states, ‘Nano has been designed with significant input from our Gent 24 Approved Systems Integrators, making it one of the most efficient, intuitive and easy to install systems available. The system offers a cause and effect that along by using an intuitive windows programming tool can be configured online or offline.’

The operational structure of Nano means that a second detector or manual call point within the same zone can restart any sounders – this ensures standards compliance across a wide range of international markets, where this level of functionality is a mandatory requirement. In addition, Honeywell Gent has introduced interoperability with the company’s S4-34418 key switch interface, which allows users to simply insert a key into a box located next to the panel, enabling quick and easy access for procedures such as deactivation and testing.

Light work

This combination of Honeywell Gent’s control panels and devices is particularly reliable and robust, and each location will have one Nano control panel linked to over 20 devices from Gent’s S-Quad and S-Cubed ranges.

S-Quad was the first intelligent loop powered multifunctional device to include a sensor, sounder, speech and EN54-23 certified visual alarm device (VAD), and its extensively patented technology has an unrivalled ability to prevent unwanted alarms. S-Quad combines local processing in the sensor and the panel to achieve an immediate response to genuine fires.

Meanwhile, its advanced technology means that S-Cubed is the most efficient loop powered sounder in the industry, allowing a whole loop of sounders to operate without the need for additional energy supplies. The S-Cubed devices used at Jetts incorporate sound, speech and strobe effects and have been sited on the walls of the shower and changing room areas to provide a visual indication of an alarm situation. Honeywell Gent’s Simon Adams, says, ‘The range offers all variants in the choice of two colours – red or white – with either a shallow base version sealed to IP31 or a deep base version sealed to IP55.’

Witness the fitness

Overseeing the project is Matthew Symons, Director at Jetts, who concludes, ‘Our life safety infrastructure is vitally important to us and I feel confident that the combination of Honeywell Gent’s life safety technology and Orion Security Solutions’ knowledge and expertise offers our members the best possible protection against the potentially devastating consequences of fire and smoke. I’m looking forward to working with both companies as we build on our success so far and introduce more Jetts gyms into the UK.’