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Latest Ancillary Devices from Gent
Added 22/08/2013
As well as our wide range of innovative FD&A products, are you aware that we have grown our portfolio of ancillary devices? We now stock a wide range of Door Holders, Transformer Rectifiers and EN54 Power Supply Units.

Door Holders

Our range of door holders provide attractive aesthetics and high performance for buildings requiring an automatic door release function in the event of a fire emergency.

They can be either floor or wall mounted and comply with BS 5839-3.

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Transformer Rectifier Power Supply 24v

The enhanced Transformer Rectifier range of power supplies have been specifically designed for access control applications that require remote control of the power supply output.

These units are typically used to power door holders with a link to the fire panel in order to switch off the output to the doors upon the activation of a fire alarm.

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EN54-4 Power Supply Units

Designed for Fire System Installations featuring a high efficiency switch mode operation, intelligent battery charging and monitoring with remote fault signalling. Did you know that our PSU's are also fully compliant with the following systems:
• Aspirating Smoke Detection
• Beam Detection
• Auto Ventilation
• Auxiliary Sounder Systems

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