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Our updated Nano control panel offers full EN54-23 support
Added 25/05/2016
Nano now supports all of Gent’s EN54-23 visual alarm devices (VADs) from the S-Cubed and S-Quad ranges.

Designed to protect the deaf or hard of hearing and those working in areas of high ambient noise, the EN54-23 was introduced in order to set stricter guidelines on the installation and performance requirements of VADs. Gent has ensured that those requiring advanced fire sensing and evacuation options in smaller applications can benefit from using Nano, which now controls up to 60 loop powered VADs in standard power mode and provides unrivalled coverage of C-3-10 for ceiling devices and W-3-8 for wall devices.

In addition, Gent has taken the opportunity to increase the flexibility of Nano, with the option to configure the cause and effect with the spread of fire in a building to meet the operational needs of markets across the world.

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