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Honeywell launches FAAST XS
Added 05/07/2017
Honeywell launches FAAST XS – our flexible and powerful EN54-20 certified Aspirating Smoke Detector alongwith the Automatic Purging unit for preventative or event-triggered purging of aspirating pipe installations.


Designed specifically to fit into the space in the portfolio between the FAAST LT (Class C) and the FAAST XM (Class A), the FAAST XS aspirating smoke detector combines advanced particle separation with unique dual source optical smoke detection technology to provide highly sensitive very early warning fire detection while providing enhanced immunity to false alarms. This technology enables FAAST XS to accurately detect incipient fire conditions up to Class A, in applications ranging from mission critical to harsh and extreme environments.

The FAAST XS is a single inlet unit that is capable of supporting sampling pipe lengths of between 50m and 170m across all three EN54-20 classes; Class A (16 holes), Class B (20 holes) and Class C (20 holes).

Equipped with TCP and Serial Modbus, the FAAST XS can be easily integrated with building management systems and, when connected to a Local Area Network (LAN), the inbuilt email server can provide fast and effective email event notification to appropriate personnel.

Key FAAST XS Features:

• FAAST family design values
• New LCD interface for ‘at a glance’ status update
• Ultrasonic airflow sensing and through sensing chamber for the most accurate system health monitoring
• 3 Fan Speeds for optimal operation (200 mA-high,151 mA-med,120 mA-low)
• USB for easy commissioning
• Serial and TCP Modbus
• Three stage filtration technology: 1) Patented Particle Separator. 2) Replaceable Filter. 3) Dual Vision Sensing Technology