Gent 24 Mobile Apps

S-QUAD Selector

S-QUAD Selector helps you easily find out what the S-Quad's optimum sensitivity state is for a particular application or risk.

You'll also have access to audio samples of the standard sounder tones/voice messages and a Locator Map allowing end users to easily find a System Integrator nearby.

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Interface Selector

The Interface Selector app helps you select the right type of interface for a specific application. It’s quick and easy to use, removing a lot of the complexity when purchasing and installing interfaces. Once you’ve decided on the correct interface you can instantly download datasheets and email them as an attachment.

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Gent InfoPoint

Gent InfoPoint gives you easy access to a variety of marketing and technical literature.

If you’re part of the Gent 24 Approved Network or an International Partner you get even more access to materials such as technical manuals and audio clips, simply register here and we'll provide you with a user name and password.

Instructions on downloading and gaining access to Gent InfoPoint

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Gent VAD Tool

The VAD design support tool for iPad allows you to:
- Create a floor plan
- Enter ambient light settings or use the built-in lux meter
- Select low, medium or high-powered settings
- Drag and drop VAD’s onto your floor plan
- Get an instant, visual confirmation that your proposed plan is valid
- Generate reports and email them

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